The Dangers of Second Hand Marijuana Smoke Are Unscientific Lies

second hand marijuana smoke science tobacco bullshit

A 2016 study claiming second hand marijuana smoke is more dangerous than second hand tobacco smoke has highly problematic methods & conclusions.   The claims of a scientific study which indicates that second hand marijuana smoke poses an imminent health risk strengthens the fear-based narratives being used to restrict or heavily regulate cannabis use, but there […]

American Freedom Fighter Jailed for Delivering Medical Supplies

Ademo Freeman of was jailed last Thursday in southwest Ohio for possession and distribution of marijuana, both felonies. The state of Ohio passed legislature last year which would allow medical marijuana use within the state. The actuality of access to this medicine, however, appears to be in a state of constant delay. While residents […]

Colombian Mayor Proposes Cannabis Friendly Recreation Center for Teens

cannabis friendly recreation center for teens marijuana dome tulua colombia gustavo velez

Gustavo Velez, mayor of the city of Tulua in the western part of the nation of Colombia, has a radically sensible solution for reducing harm to his cities teenage cannabis users. Teenagers gonna teenage, which includes experimenting with their bodies and minds, often entwined with questionable choices. You can make a show of fighting that with […]

The Cannabis Connoisseurs Guide to the Counterculture of Outsider Music

outsider music daniel johnston

Prohibition pushed cannabis culture into the fringes, a place where outsider music also revels. The 2016 film Florence Foster Jenkins starring Meryl Streep has put outsider music on the map like never before. Like the title character, the real life Florence Foster Jenkins was a wealthy socialite who used her fortune as a patron of music […]

Five Strange Ways That Cannabis Might Change the World

five strange ways cannabis could change the world

Besides the socio-economic and political implications of new attitudes and policies towards cannabis, there are some other strange ways getting high could alter civilization. This list starts off swinging wild with a bit of observational humor, but eventually finds it’s way into corners of human culture that could change human civilization as we know it. Fish […]

False Arrest of Manager of Burger King Employee Who Sold Weed In Drive Thru

Burger King fries extra crispy cannabis marijuana

Customers at an Epping, New Hampshire Burger King who ordered “fries extra crispy” got a very happy meal, but a sting operation also resorted in the false arrest of the manager. Garrett Norris was living out a real life stoner comedy. Customers interested in purchasing some of his extracurricular condiments would ask inquire for “Nasty […]