Review: Aroma Dispensary in Commerce City, Colorado

Aroma is the only recreational dispensary in the Denver suburb of Commerce City, but its simplicity makes it an attractive destination for non-locals and tourists.


In the past few months I have made my first meccas to the Golden State since the inception of its legalization and green rush. During those trips I visited numerous Denver area dispensaries, but none of them had the down home feel you get at Aroma, which is why it was my most regular stop.

As the cannabis industry seeks to normalize itself, many dispensaries find themselves striving for a high degree of polish and professionalism. Some of the dispensaries have an almost futuristic feel, with high tech displays and careful marketing. These are certainly positive qualities, and it is interesting to see how these businesses are reshaping retail models. But if you are like me, the kind of person who prefers to drink a PBR at a dive bar than a martini at the club, then you may be more comfortable in a less flashy setting.

While they may not be flashy, Aroma is no way a disappointment. Their selection of flower, cannabis-based products and accessories is pretty extensive. There is not much you can’t find there, except maybe some of the more obscure concentrates, however as a new business their line is rapidly expanding to include even those.

You will usually be able to find at least a dozen strains of bud of various types, strength and price. From the dankest Mob Boss to discount shake – there is always something that looks delicious. There is also a good variety of edibles on hand.

The layout of the store is simple. It is made to help three customers at a time, with three areas containing the same products. The displays and shelving eschew the modernity of places like The Green Solution, and feel more like a traditional headshop.

The only hitch I have encountered is that their large cast of employees are still learning the ropes, and don’t always have the right answer, or an answer at all. But this seems to be an issue that will work itself out as the business matures. And despite the lack of expertise, the employees are helpful and friendly.

The doors open at 9am and close at 10pm, but you must be at least 21 with a valid ID to enter. Be sure to grab a punch card to save $10 after 10 purchases of $20 or more. Tell them Dank Space sent you.

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