Cop Takes MDMA & Begins to Doubt His Path in Life

According to the testimony of a popular YouTube psychonaut, after his friend decided to try MDMA, he began experience misgivings about his career as a police officer.

PsychedSubstance (PS) is a popular YouTube channel in which some dude shares psychedelic experiences and analysis for educational purposes.

During a recent Halloween episode he told a story about having taken MDMA with a friend who was also a police officer. His friend had approached him the year before and asked about experimenting with the drug, and so the two made Halloween plans to introduce the virgin explorer.

From the beginning there appeared to be some reluctance on the cop friend’s part, which turned into paranoia and fear after PS was hit particularly hard by the drug and began acting erratically. Not only did his friend not understand that what was happening was okay, he feared he would act the same way or worse later in public and be judged by the most frightening monster in his personal repertoire – normalcy.

Eventually the cop friend got into the swing of the thing and the night ended on an up note. But over the next month the cop began having a crisis of conscience and existential doubts. This not only jeopardized his career, but ultimately destroyed the two men’s friendship.

Check it out…

A mistake that I think was clearly made here was that PS agreed to guide a fresh mind into a deep well of cosmic consciousness while he himself was not prepared to maintain some sense of control. That crawling around on the floor making crazy faces stuff is cool with your heady friends, but maybe you shouldn’t be guiding a cop through entheogenic space if you are susceptible to such antics. They are fine unto themselves, but I cannot help but wonder how much more of a learning experience the cop would have had with a more disciplined shaman.

Meaning one less soldier in the Drug War.

My takeaway is this…

Most people who have never tried drugs and are generally against them are working from either very little or very bad data. Be responsible with your own use, and be open with those not in the know about your positive experiences so they can rethink them in that light.

And if you ever get the golden opportunity to dismantle the programming of an authoritarian through psychedelic experiences, take that responsibility seriously – and make it count!

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