On Election Day Vote for Marijuana for President of the United States

Using the write-in option on your ballot, cast a vote for cannabis for everything from your county supervisor to the President of the United States of America.

All across the country tomorrow marijuana ballot measures will be voted on, deciding the fate of legalization and other issues for the next few years. From statewide legalization to local ordinances, tomorrow will be the biggest day for marijuana politically since it was made illegal almost a century ago.

Tomorrow will also be the day in which the public votes to suggest a new leader puppet to be worn by the hand of the ruling class. Never has a US election been such a farce. And although less than half of Americans will go out to vote, it is frightening that so many can be brought to vote for either of these personified stains on our troubled psyche at all.

It makes you wonder if weed is on the ballot simply to avoid an all time low voter turnout. The more marks lined up at the front of the tent, the more legitimate the game looks.

The only times I vote are in local elections when there is a candidate or issue that will roll back the abuses of the system. I only vote for less governing, not more. And I could go into a whole diatribe about how voting is an act of aggression, and democracy is merely bureaucratic might-makes-right, but you will have to discover that on your own when you are ready for it.

My real point is this: use your ballot tomorrow to support the shit out of marijuana. Wherever your ballot contains a write-in, choose marijuana as your candidate. Force the system counting your votes to recognize your will to freely do with your own mind,body and gardening space as you please. If you have 12 opportunities to write in a candidate, vote for ‘Marijuana’ 12 times. Let your voice be heard.

Marijuana for Everything 2016!

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