Here Is How Recreational Marijuana Looks Since the Election [Graphics]

In Tuesday’s election four more states legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, so here are a few charts to visualize how much of America can now get high without being criminalized for it.


With four more states added to the list of legal recreational marijuana – California, Maine, Massachusetts & Nevada – you can now legally use cannabis in eight states; as well as the District of Columbia.

So what does that look like in terms of comparison to non-legal states? The two charts below provide a visual as to the difference in population and land areas in which marijuana is legal.


21% of Americans can now toke without fear of reprisal.

Recreational Marijuana by Population graphic

12.8% of America’s land mass is now weed-friendly.

Recreational Marijuana by Area graphic

That means that 1 out of every five people can now legally use in their own state. And that 1/8th of the country is fair game to toke on.

A decade and a half ago legal recreational marijuana seemed an impossible dream. Now it is happening and the dominoes are starting to fall more quickly. This is a big deal.

There seems little hope that the rest of the country can ignore what is happening. From here it is only a matter of time, and I expect that before we go to elect the next Chief Clown, there will be no stoner left behind.

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