Do Plants Come From Outer Space & If So Is Pot Earth’s Dominant Life Form?

A bizarre theory which suggests that plants come from outer space provides a fun platform for strange thought experiments that, while they may not produce truth, do encourage the kind of creative thinking that propels humanity forward.

Have you ever stepped into the Twilight Zone? Have you ever stepped into the Twilight Zone on weed?

RRRGroup recently posted an article at UFO Conjecture(s) in which they demonstrate evidence of complex networks of plant consciousness and interactions, after which he goes on to write:

My speculation has been and continues to be that plant life elsewhere in the Galaxy (or Universe) evolved into thinking, mobile beings and while on scouting missions stumbled upon Earth, with its abundance of water and nutrients, necessary for their existence.

They now come here to sustain themselves or bask in the glory of a liquid planet.

Now let’s put aside for a moment whether or not this hypothesis is true. Truth is important, but it is also important to stretch our minds beyond what we already believe to be true if only to gain more perspective on ones beliefs and the subject itself. I often find that those unwilling to think beyond what they already believe are not any fun at all to get high with.

This is part of what makes marijuana such a powerful tool for creativity, that it can relax our constrictive belief systems enough to see outside of our own little boxes. In doing so we may become less attached to dogmas and perceptional confinements, which can allow us to think in a more innovative way, which is why inventors and artists are notorious for enjoying the herb.

It can also lead you a bit off topic into parallel narratives from time to time.

Yeah, so, plants come from outer space…maybe.

If plant life traveled the cosmos in search of a wet, hospitable planet – that would make them far advanced to us. If they are indeed the advanced life form, what role might we unknowingly be playing for their benefit?

Say that plants preceded animal life forms on Earth. As the animal forms evolved, could plants have been influencing their evolution to meet the needs of plants? Were bees designed by plants over time to carry their pollen? Were birds designed through slow evolutionary interactions with plants to carry their seeds into ever further new territories? When human beings began farming tens of thousands of years ago, was it the fruition of a long term project to create a species that would accelerate plant life’s rate of mutation and thus a more rapid evolution?

In a classic PBS program The Botany of Desire this question gets explored through plants as diverse as tulips, apples and, yes – cannabis.

School children often learn about the mutually beneficial relationship between honeybees and flowers. To make their honey, the bees collect the flowers’ nectar and in the process spread pollen, which enables the flowers to reproduce. The Botany of Desire proposes that people and domesticated plants have formed a similarly reciprocal relationship. “We don’t give nearly enough credit to plants,” says Pollan. “They’ve been working on us – they’ve been using us – for their own purposes.”

While fruits produce sweetness and flowers produce beauty, some plants produce chemicals that have the power to alter human consciousness. And, like our craving for sweetness or love of beauty, the desire to change consciousness appears to be hardwired into humans. Cannabis has cashed in on that desire and spread from its birthplaces in India and China throughout the world where passionate, and mostly illegal, gardeners tend to its needs with uncompromising devotion.

It seems clear that plants are using human behaviors to further their own evolution, whether or not they are from outer space, and I can think of no plant that has ever experienced such a rapid amount of mutations in so short a biological period as the weedstuff. Could it be that we are assisting an alien species in an excelled evolution? Are the thousands of strains of marijuana a clue that the plant is pushing us to push it?

Push it where? Back into space where it came from? Before our species self destructive nature spoils its formerly peaceful world?

Or what if plant life and cannabis did evolve on Earth but it is still forcing its own rapid evolution using human desires as a crux of mutation and physical tool to get off the planet?

Long ago (or maybe in the future, if we must consider time travel) in some part of the universe a highly intelligent plant life evolved. In fact, it is the most intelligent species in the entire cosmos, and responsible for awakening the others.

The limitations of being a plant are self apparent. Therefore in order to evolve and expand beyond its home world, it used its intelligence to steer other species towards its service. It made itself appealing to animal consciousness, so that they consumed it. And as they did, cannabis would implant parts of its own intelligence and drives into those species.

So when those species altered thusly were compelled to explore beyond the planet of their own genesis, they took cannabis with them. They explored the cosmos and were the Johnny Appleseed of weed everywhere they went. And where cannabis was spread it adapted to the local species, eventually pushing them out into the stars, travelling right along with them.

And so humans are just Earth apes who have been genetically modified by cannabis to become vessels that help carry it into every corner of the universe.

Is any of this true? I don’t know. Does that make it pointless to think about? Definitely not.

It is often while we are exploring the most preposterous possibilities that practical and applicable discoveries are made. What is important in life is not to be right, but to keep your mind elastic so that you can continue to grow and evolve as an individual and become the source of your own meaning, purpose and happiness. These are the kind of people who also make the great discoveries which advance humanity.

And marijuana helps to facilitate, encourage and inspire this process of mental plasticity, creativity and innovation. And in that way, it is involved in a push-pull relationship with humanity in which both our species may evolve and enter the vast cosmos together. Even if the plants have already been there.

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  1. Exactly! I feel awake. I feel high.

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