Exclusive: Illinois Sheriff Department Lies About Pot Laced Halloween Candy

The Bureau County Sheriff’s Department’s claim that suspicious candy was laced with marijuana is either bad policing or a bold faced lie.

2016 has been the year of Bogeymen. From the political circus to the creepy clown hysteria, America has had its wits tested by authorities and media dead set on scaring the bejesus out of every citizen with the most dopey and asinine propaganda imaginable.

So it is of little wonder that the ‘laced trick or treat candy‘ trope has made its way back into the public consciousness, but this time with a current events twist – the candy has been laced not with razors or poison, but with the Devil’s Lettuce itself!

And just like those earlier false scares, this one is a load of crap created by propagandist trying to bait you into their agenda. This time the agenda is the War on Drugs, the law enforcement cash cow that is starting to look like it might dry up. So in order to keep it going just that much longer, would police be falsifying evidence or blatantly making stuff up in order to prolong the life of their golden egg laying goose?

Well I am almost certain that is what the Bureau County Sheriff’s Department has done.

On Sunday night, while the little ghouls and goblins were hanging up their plastic costumes and counting their bounty, the Bureau Sheriff released a public statement claiming to have found marijuana-laced candy given out during trick or treating after a parent became concerned about the marijuana leafs on the wrapper and reported it to them. The sheriffs employees claim they used a field test to determine that the candy was indeed tainted by Satan’s Spinach, and warned parents to report any similar candy to them.

So I did a little digging around.

First of all, the report claims it was one candy bar, but the picture showed four. Google image search of the candy pic turned up only articles related to the Bureau Sheriff’s claims. I could find no candy listed by that name, either. Odd.

So I looked ¬†closer. Turns out, I didn’t even need to look that close. There are clearly Japanese characters printed on the candies. Japan is even more strict about marijuana and other drugs than America, so there is almost no chance whatsoever that some Japanese cannabis candy made its way to rural Illinois and into trick or treat bags. The marijuana leaves on them? Those are Japanese maple leaves. They are a popular design image, and do rather look like marijuana leaves.

But the sheriff claimed they actually tested the candy. Did they? Did anyone actually report the candy? Why were no names given? Often in cases like these, the police and media will parade the family around for some good public moralizing. But in this case we were given a public statement and a Facebook post. Don’t seem fishy to you?

Whether or not the BCSD falsified the test results, or if they managed the entire illusion themselves, what about the media? There are numerous online sources repeating the story. Does the fact that none of them noticed the discrepancies mean that mainstream media is complicit in these propaganda scams, or just unbearably incompetent? Or both?

The recent changes and proposed future changes in Illinois marijuana laws has enforcers shaking their piggy banks, but would they go so far as to create a false public scare over people giving away expensive marijuana candies to kids on Halloween just to fight against the inevitable?

Well, they did.

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