Tips for First Time Marijuana Users

first time marijuana

Here is some excellent advice on how to stay safe and have fun for people thinking of trying marijuana for the first time.

The high produced by cannabis can be an intense experience, so first time users should exercise caution and follow these tips to avoid a bad experience.

  1. Do not ingest edibles your first time.
    Every method of ingestion creates a unique THC compound. The kind found in edibles can be the most intense, producing more physical sensation and possible hallucinogenic effects. On top of this, you never know how potent the edible is going to be, and since it will take 30-60 minutes to kick in, taking too much is way too easy.
  2. Use in a safe, comfortable place with trustworthy and experienced friends.
    Being somewhere you feel safe will help reduce any possible paranoia, as well as putting you near comfort items that will make your experience more enjoyable. Having someone who cares about you and has experience with marijuana means that there is someone who can explain the effects so you don’t think something went horribly wrong.
  3. Know what to expect.
    There is a possibility that you will experience some paranoia, both about others and yourself. You may feel like you are going to be in trouble, or that everyone will know. If you planned discreetly, they will not, unless you want them to. You may also experience some anxiety. Along with that there may be physical sensations and changes in respiration, heart rate and blood pressure. They will pass, do not panic. Just remind yourself that this is normal.
  4. How to stop the ride.
    You cannot really make your high go away. But you can diminish it more quickly by eating and drinking. Fatty foods especially will help flush the THC out of your bloodstream. A cheeseburger and a glass of chocolate milk will speed up the comedown process, not to mention distract you from how you are feeling. Those comfort things I mentioned earlier will also help distract. A blanket and your favorite music or movies will get you into a happier groove.
  5. The best ingestion method for your first time.
    To avoid the harmful effects of smoking and get a buzz that will not overwhelm you, begin with a vape pen. Start with a little puff. Give your self 10 minutes to decide if you want or need more. Just a little at a time to find your personal limits.
    If a vape pen is not available, smoking is your best option. But again, do not overdo it. Find a small one-hitter and try it one hit at a time just as with the vape pen.
    Marijuana has come a long way. It is far more powerful than when I first started using it. If at all possible, get some of the old school schwag. If not, look for strains with low amounts of THC and cannabinoids. Either ask a budtender or do some research on about particular strains.

Just remember, nobody has ever died of marijuana and neither will you. If you follow these tips there is no reason you shouldn’t have a profoundly wonderful experience your first time. Most people do. Or you might find out cannabis just isn’t for you. The important thing is that you avoid emergency services, because they can make things a whole lot worse for you.

Stay safe, have fun and let us know how it went in the My First Time forum at!

*It should go without saying, but do not try marijuana for the first time when you are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Here is what happens when you do not take this advice.

2 Replies to “Tips for First Time Marijuana Users”

  1. Marijuana does not cause hallucinations and you shouldn’t be telling people it does. Edibles are perfectly safe for beginners and it’s really not some wild experience like you make it sound. No need to scare anyone.

    1. JoshuaScottHotchkin says: Reply

      Indeed it does cause hallucinations on some. Most people, no. And especially not regular users. But if you try to deny all potentially negative effects than you will look like a deluded fanatic desperately trying to avoid the truth in order to mindlessly push an agenda. Nothing could make our movement look worse than doing that.

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