What To Do If You Come Across A Drug Checkpoint While Driving

drug checkpoint

A ‘Drug Checkpoint Ahead’ sign can lead to nervous mistakes that will get you busted if you are rolling with some herb and aren’t clear about your rights and the law.


Drug Checkpoints Are Not Legal

In Indianapolis v. Edmond – 531 U.S. 32 (2000) the Supreme Court ruled that drug checkpoints were illegal. Their conclusion was that such a broad justification for making random, suspicionless stops was a slippery slope that threatened to erode our liberties and rights through aggressive, predatory law enforcement.

Police Are Trying to Trick You

Although you do not have to stop at them, police can still try to trick you into consenting to a search.
No matter what their sign says, they cannot make you participate in their predatory policing games unless you volunteer to.

Do Not Stop

Do not change your driving behavior or attempt to throw your stash out. Just keep driving and put as much distance as you can between yourself and the road pirates before making your next stop.


Stay calm and focused and remember these three things and you will remain free to fire up that dank matter when you arrive at your destination. Law enforcement is generally inept at their job and rely on your mistakes to continue profiting from the War On Drugs. Don’t give them the satisfaction of destroying your life over a plant.


The two videos below provide more information for stoners to avoid getting messed with by the fuzz.

How to NOT Get Busted with Marijuana

An easy to understand video instructing you of your rights so that police don’t trick you into revealing anything you do not legally have to.

How to Drive While High and NOT Get a DUI

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