Woman Tries Weed On Her 50th Birthday & Ends Up In Hospital Then Jail

A Holiday, Florida woman had her day go from joyful to horrific after ingesting too much marijuana and then getting a double-whammy of wickedness by the War On Drugs terrorist group.

Some people report not getting high the first time they try marijuana. Others feel the effects more intensely than they are able to cope with. Not only was Donna Lynch Haff one of the latter, she was also unlucky enough to get busted her very first time.

From Arkansas Online:

Authorities say an assistant principal at a Tampa area high school ended up going to a hospital and then to jail after she tried some pot-laced cookies for her 50th birthday.

Pasco County sheriff’s spokesman Kevin Doll said Donna Lynch Haff overdosed Monday on cookies made with cannabis oil. He said the educator’s daughter, 19-year-old Allison Haff, had obtained the cookies from a co-worker and brought them home after her mother said she wanted to try marijuana for her 50th.

Doll said both were released from jail that day and that they were charged with felony possession of a controlled substance.

What kind of depraved psychotic looks at a woman who ruined her own birthday and then ended up in the hospital, and mind you did not do any harm to another human being, and decides that she should also go to jail? Which will most likely snowball into a loss of her job as well as other negative life outcomes. Well, there is only one kind of psycho that does that – law enforcement officers.

Those power-tripping for profit thugs who rely on violence to maintain authority are the only humans who have had their reason and morality so distorted that they would even consider such a thing. And frankly, I find it absolutely disgusting. There is no humanity whatsoever in this.

A story like this should lead to educating people so they do not experiment so irresponsibly, for their health and well being, not become an opportunity extort and punish.

Please, if you are considering using marijuana, do your research and start small. Real small. You wouldn’t drink a bottle of Jack Daniels the first time you decided to get drunk, and neither should you take a normal dose of cannabis on newbie tolerance.

If you are considering trying marijuana and want some advice, please reach out to us on the Dank Space Facebook Page and we will give you some pointers to avoid a nightmare like this poor woman suffered.

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  1. PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS COMMENTARY!!! DO NOT TRY TO EAT CANNIBUS PRODUCTS THE FIRST TIME YOU DECIDE TO TRY MARIJUANA!!! The reason being… Your body digests these products differently than you would if you inhaled them. You will feel them much faster inhaling vs. digesting. Dank Space is a great site to get great advice about a natural herb that has great healing properties!!! Enjoy responsibly just like anything else!!

    1. JoshuaScottHotchkin says: Reply

      Great advice, Raquel!

  2. The war on drugs is a waste of money,resources,and creates more problems than it intends to solve. I hope it ends soon……keep on keep’n on, dankspace…

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