Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome – Fact or Fiction?

cannabis hyperemesis syndrome grow chemicals

A new diagnosis for patients suffering from nausea, stomach pains and severe vomiting indicates that cannabis might be the cause; but there is too little evidence yet to say whether cannabis is actually the culprit.


News of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome has been circulating widely in the past few weeks, a new target for all of those mainstream media reporters who are addicted to prohibition fearmongering. However there seems to be very little scientific evidence for the affliction or its alleged epidemic rise.

What there does seem to be is a convincingly strong correlation between cannabis use and violent stomach sickness. However this does not mean that cannabis is causing the illness, and in fact there is a much more likely candidate for that role.

When you think of pot-growers you might think of the all-natural farmer, but the truth is that many growers are pouring lots of chemicals into their plants. They do this to promote greater yield in a shorter time while getting rid of destructive insects and molds, as well as for many other reasons.

On top of that, not all growers are properly flushing the chemicals from their plants with water before harvest, so much of the marijuana grown indoors during the past few decades of modern growing techniques is full of all kinds of compounds that will definitely make you sick.

This would also explain why the CHS attacks happen infrequently, which could either be
a) because a chemical threshold was reached, or…
b) because the tokers most recent bud purchase(s) were even more loaded than usual with toxic grow chemicals.

It may be that cannabis is actually the cause, but until there is sufficient research that eliminates all other possible factors, it is too early to say for certain. Yet that is what many are already doing. Which could derail research and fail to get to the bottom of what appears to be a pretty excruciating condition. All that this premature reporting does is create unwarranted alarm and endanger patients.

Unfortunately the ‘grow it bigger, quicker and make more money’ model is spreading, and will likely become the model for the coming corporate grow operations that legalization seems to favor. True cannabis growing connoisseurs have been warning about this for some time, but with so much money to be made, nobody seems to want to listen or take them seriously.

Should it turn out that the chemicals being use to grow cannabis are actually the issue behind CHS and other potential health issues, do you think we will start listening? Or will the research continue being fudged to demonize weed, help corporate growers or poison potheads everywhere?

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  1. I have read some people think that it is actually Azadirachtin products like Azamax & Azatrol… Aza-Sol used as pesticides that are causing this and not the actual cannabis. I’m not saying that this is true or not but it might be something worth looking into since CHS is so little understood.
    here is one link…/cannabis-hyperemesis-syndrome-chs…

    1. JoshuaScottHotchkin says: Reply

      Thanks, Corey! That is some good info.

  2. My passion is farming organically. I myself, and a few of my patients have noticed quite a signifficant difference between organic and syntheticly grown. Need less of the organic because it is more bioavailable. Also, one of my girlfriends can even smell the difference. She’s like a lil chemdawg and will hand back anything that she smells chems in. I really only want my own because it’s got great genetics, “Thanks Dr Krippling,” and no synthetics. It just works better.

    Also I was diagnosed with cyclic vomiting syndrome, which is just like the ‘CHS,’ but no known cause attributed. Interestingly, after I read this article, I thought about it, and I can correlate the five years I had the hyperemisis syndrome, with synthetic fed cannabis. Since I have been able to care for myself, I have had not one hyperemisis episode in a year and a half. I am now even more ability to use edibles, and medicate as needed, which is much more than I was able to prior.
    So my own experienced based hypothesis is that, I believe the organics will definitely win in the end for healing. Synthetics will always be around for the money….

    1. JoshuaScottHotchkin says: Reply

      Thanks for sharing your experience! Hopefully this new way of considering these seemingly cannabis-related issues can shed more light and more health!

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