Dear Cannabis Science: Keep Your Facts Off My Body

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Science is an incredibly useful tool for the betterment and progression of mankind, but t is not the arbiter of all things, nor should it be.


Both advocates and the opposition of cannabis are prone to cite scientific findings or the need for more science to support their presupposed positions. Questions of medical efficacy, legality and its effects on driving and other activities all tend to assume that the answers should be the ones supported by science.

I could care less what science says on any of these matters. Science is not the boss of me. Theories are not more important than my experience of my life. Facts do not trump self-ownership and autonomy.

And science itself is becoming more and more compromised as it is continually used as a political tool. Function implies form, and with more and more use as a political lever, science is becoming increasingly given more to machinations of power and wealth than to the methodological rigor of empiricism.

Special interests on all sides of the cannabis argument have manipulated the science through lopsided funding that comes with unspoken suggestions to ‘prove’ their agenda. As researchers desperate for research funds sell out to the political machinations of their funding sources the science behind cannabis becomes cloudier and cloudier all around.

Why should such an untrustworthy collection of agenda-ridden information be the final determinate in the fate of marijuana?

On top of this, appeals to science are not scientific. Using your methodology to influence activities outside of that methodology is the method of religion, in this case the religion of Scientism.

Your commandments and theories can take a flying leap. This is my life. It is a short one. In the little time I have here I intend to experiment with my own mind and body in any way that I choose. If you intend to stand in my way or punish me for that it makes you no less a tyrant if you have a trillion scientific reasons to do so.

And if you are trying to support our right to do with our bodies and minds as we see fit using science as your reasoning, then you are doing nothing but feeding the opposition your ammunition. The scientific narrative of prohibition exists in order to control us. There are many human problems which science is a solution to, but this is not one of them. Our freedom and liberties are not up for debate, no matter what method’s language the debate is had in.

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