Crawfordsville Indiana Cops Make Weed Arrest Under Very Sketchy Pretense

crawfordsville indiana marijuana cannabis bust arrest bradley howell

Crawfordsville officers did something so out of the ordinary, which led to the discovery of a homegrow operation consisting of ‘several’ plants, that there is no way but to interpret their behavior as anything but ethically challenged.


There is something wrong with this picture. Something so out of place that it tripped every bullshit sensor in my system before I caught it. Let’s see how quick you catch it.

From JCOnline:

CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. — Bradley Howell had already been cited for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

But when officers returned to his home Tuesday to give back a tin Howell used to carry the pot, they detected the odor of raw marijuana.

After securing a search warrant, officers uncovered several marijuana plants in various stages of growth in Howell’s basement, located in the 300 block of West North Street, according to a news release.

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The plants were found in five reflective tents and were confiscated by police, the release states. Additionally, officers recovered a safe with cash and and a bag of pot inside.

Howell, 52, now faces an additional preliminary charge of dealing marijuana, the release states.

Did you catch it? Police were returning his weed container? Like that is something police actually do?

In most cases the container itself would be held as evidence, or even considered paraphernalia if it seemed intended specifically for that purpose. Generally you would not expect to ever see the thing you put your weed in again, when the cops took your weed away in it.

However this does not just apply to things you put your weed in. Any evidence seized in a crime is held and you are unlikely to ever get it back. In the rare case that you might, you are talking a legal battle to do so, or at the very best having to go down to the police station one or more times and jump through a series of hoops to get it.

Police don’t just return seized property to its owner. That is just not something that happens. If and when it does, such as in this case, you can bet your ass there is a damn good reason for it.

In this case the reason was obvious. Police wanted to further criminalize their victim, much like serial killers like to return to their victims corpse to relive the thrill of the kill, so they made a rare play in order to get in close and make an extremely sketchy investigation. Under normal circumstances, it would not be considered legal to just go sniffing around peoples homes.

Returning the weed container was  a way of getting around those damned tricky laws that are always trying to hold police back and keep them from making the profitable victimless crime arrests they are entitled to! Crawfordsville police broke routine in order to land a double whammy of life destroying prosecutions on a peaceful person who did nothing more than use and grow his own medicinal plant.

This is what prohibition looks like. It looks like criminals looking for an advantage by which they might exploit those weaker than them. Prohibition is a crime and law enforcers and legislators are the criminals. And not even the ethical kind with a code, but dirty fucking sneak-cheats who will violate all the principles of humanity to turn a profit to fund their evil game.

You can bet your ass they won’t be showing up at his door to return the safe they took his cash in.

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