DEA Crackdown On CBD Oil Cites International Drug Treaties

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The Drug Enforcement Agency have taken an even more intolerant stance against a medicine that many Americans rely on just to get through the day, because apparently their commitment to agreements among global superpowers precede the interests of the American people.

The US federal government, whose commitment to honoring its treaties can currently be seen in the events at Standing Rock, is now claiming that it must act against the best interests of citizens and patients in order to honor an international pact prohibiting legal cannabis usage.

CBD oil has been a lifesaver for thousands of Americans who use it to treat a number of ailments, some of them life threatening. Many forms of severe seizure disorders that affect children have been found to respond to CBD with almost miraculous results. It has also shown promise in fighting cancer and other human health issues that have never responded to any other kinds of treatment with much efficacy or consistency.

While the DEA has always taken a strong stance against CBD, they recently took actions to address it specifically, rather than having it fall under normal marijuana enforcement. This could be construed as a likely indicator that enforcement will increase and more patients will suffer and some will be criminalized simply for trying to stay healthy and survive.

The reasoning given by the federal document for increased enforcement is to bring US government into compliance with international treaties. Apparently our government takes its responsibility to global governing organizations more seriously than it takes the health, freedoms and liberties of its own citizens. We are being sold out by our “representatives” and “public servants” to fulfill the New Weed Order agenda of international bankers and industrialists.

This is not being done in our best interest, but to protect the profits of the worlds richest organizations and individuals. But it is being done at our expense. Our health, safety, freedoms, liberties and lives are being threatened by a force that funds itself through our taxes. When you go to work tomorrow it will help to generate revenue so that some man gets paid to imprison parents for having audacity to heal their sick child. And there is nothing you can do stop it.

Still think it’s a free country?

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