Outrage Over Kids Pants with Printed Leaves Is Japanese Maple, Not Cannabis

kids pants japanese maple leaf amazon

Yet another group of prohibitionists have had their unfounded fears reported by mainstream media who did not bother to question whether the design on a pair of kids pants was actually marijuana.

(pictured above: Varieties of Japanese Maple tree leaves, and some pants that confuse ignorant people.)

Just after Halloween I reported on an incident in which police and mainstream media were spreading alarmist fears about allegedly pot-laced candies that turned out to be regular candies from Japan featuring images of leaves from that countries prized indigenous maple trees.

Fox4 in Florida reports:

Toddler leggings advertised as digital printed leaves on Amazon has some parents and grandparents upset. 

“You know an innocent little child, it’s just, it’s just not the right thing to do,” said parent    . [?]

Some parents said it’s not the right thing to do because after taking a closer look at the picture, you’ll see the pants are covered with marijuana leaves. 

“Why would you have that, you’re advertising that you’re showing acceptability to them,” said Executive Dir. of Drug-Free Charlotte Diane Ramseyer. 

The company selling the pants on Amazon is based in Asia and lists the pants for girls ages 3 to 8 years old. 

“Well I just think that’s very inappropriate for a 3 year old, not something they should be advertising,” said one grandparent. 

So the Southwest Florida grandparent who wishes to remain anonymous said she immediately contacted the website after coming across the item. 

“A little link that says if you find anything inappropriate please let us know and you can click on the link right from that page and that’s just what I did,” said the grandparent. 

But she never got a response. Now she along with other parents including Ramseyer are criticizing Amazon over a lack of labeling and poor taste. 

“Think oh what a great thing to give a grandchild something that has something to do with being of the earth, and the plants not realizing what it is,” said Ramseyer. 

Fox4 reached out to Amazon for answers on its policy for items like this but we are still waiting to hear back.  

That outrage is all based on ignorance and is being used as more propaganda fodder in the War on Drugs. Using made up conspiracies targeted at children, these irresponsible and ill-informed are trying to drum up fear to confirm their biases and paranoia and spread them to others.

Is it really that hard to Google whether there might be a leaf design similar to cannabis that has been hugely popular in Asia for many generations? Why would a news agency report this nonsense as fact without checking?

And who is Ramseyer? Does she believe marijuana is an otherworldly plant? What does she mean by, “you’re advertising that you’re showing acceptability to them,” a sentence that makes no sense whatsoever?

Why would anybody print that gobbledygook?

And does Ramseyer actually believe that seeing pictures on pants will turn children into cannabis users?

“Hey, I was gonna be a ballerina when I grew up, and then I got these pants and decided to dedicate my life to matching up albums with the Wizard of Oz while dabbing.”

Where do they find these people?

If not using cannabis leads to becoming one of them, or to becoming a reporter who takes them seriously, then getting high starts to sound like the only sensible option.


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  1. I am sure these ” parents and grandparents ” were just cops trolls with low IQ’s and gave no idea

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