Mother Loses Custody for Successfully Treating Daughters Pharmaceutical Withdrawals With Cannabis

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An Idaho woman has had her children removed from her custody after using cannabis to treat her daughter for life-threatening symptoms she suffered after being taken off prescribed psychotropic medications.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have our winner for the biggest scumbag doctor of 2016. The honor belongs to an Idaho doctor who was prescribing a small child the serious psychotropic drug Risperidone intermittently, which led to severe mental and physical symptoms the young girls mother successfully treated with cannabis. After having helped her daughter where the doctor had failed, the doctor then reported the woman’s treatment, which led to the loss of custody of her children.

From The Idaho Statesman:

A Gooding mother who gave her daughter butter infused with marijuana to treat the girl’s seizure-like symptoms earlier this year was in court Thursday trying to regain custody of her children, but a judge ruled against her, her attorney said.

Kelsey Osborne, 23, is charged in Twin Falls County with a misdemeanor count of injury to child, while in Jerome County a legal battle is unfolding over the custody of her children, the Twin Falls Times-News reports.

Osborne says she gave her 3-year-old daughter, Madyson, a smoothie with marijuana butter on Oct. 5 to help calm the girl, who was suffering from seizure-like symptoms, vomiting and hallucinating. Osborne said Madyson’s behavior was the result of several weeks going on and off the antipsychotic medication Risperidone.

Osborne said the butter calmed the girl and helped treat the seizures and hallucinations, but when she took Madyson to a doctor later that day, the toddler tested positive for marijuana and the doctor reported it. The incident resulted in the criminal charge in Twin Falls County and prompted the Department of Health and Welfare to take Osborne’s two children, Madyson and son Ryker, and place them in the custody of her ex-husband.

On Thursday, following a nearly four-hour hearing that was closed to the public, a judge ruled that for now, Osborne still cannot have custody of her children, said her attorney, Tom Curl. The judge ordered that the children stay with Osborne’s ex-husband.

So here is the rundown. After a doctor failed the life of a child, he then reported the person who fixed his mistake, which led to more harm to that child by being taken out of her home. The legal system, rather than question the ineptitude of the doctor and the dangerous situation he created, punished a loving mother and her children because that system cares more about their laws than the well being of individuals and families. They care more about protecting medical quacks and legislation than the life of a small child with health issues.
This is what prohibition is. It is in inhuman cruelty that takes choices from families and individuals, as well as their liberties, freedoms and self-ownership, and in return gives them misery, suffering and heartache. And this is what is in the heart of any system that would prohibit medicinal plants from peaceful people – cruelty and greed.

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