Cop Who Killed Philando Castile Says He Had It Coming Because He Was High

jeronimo yanzed murdered philando castile in cold blood and now blames his victim and cannabis

The defense strategy for Jeronimo Yanez, the Minnesota cop who shot and killed Philando Castile this last summer without any provocation whatsoever, will be to blame the victim because he was a cannabis user.

In one of the most offense, ignorant and unethical legal maneuvers I have ever seen, a cold-blooded killer cop is trying to get away with murder (even though he is only being charged with manslaughter, which is bullshit) using the excuse that had the man not had cannabis in his bloodstream he would not have gotten shot and killed for no good reason.

USA Today reported:

The attorneys for the Minnesota police officer who fatally shot Philando Castile on Thursday called on a judge to dismiss manslaughter and other charges against their client, arguing Castile was “stoned” and his actions contributed to his death.

The push for dismissal of charges against St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez comes as the Justice Department on Thursday detailed its plans to conduct a comprehensive review of the police department in suburban St. Paul, which has faced nationwide scrutiny following the controversial incident in July.

Yanez was charged last month with second-degree manslaughter and two counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm for the fatal shooting of Castile following a traffic stop. The aftermath of the controversial shooting was broadcast on Facebook Live by Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, who along with her daughter were passengers in the vehicle.

But Yanez’s attorneys on Thursday filed a motion to dismiss the manslaughter charge, arguing that Castile’s actions during the July altercation contributed to his death.


To say that cannabis contributed to his death is completely backwards. Prohibition led to his death. But had he not been nervous about the stiff penalties against possessing a medicinal plant, would he still be alive today? That seems unlikely. Yanez’s own behavior was erratic and incomprehensible. Castile’s failure to not act quickly enough was nowhere as near as irresponsible and maligned as Yanez’s premature freak out and subsequent pointless killing.

That Yanez would let his legal team use such a scandalous and sensationalist tactic is exactly what you would expect from a man who has no duty but to save his own ass at any cost. Even when it means stooping to the lowest and most asinine victim blaming imaginable, or killing people willy-nilly because he suddenly got a bit nervous.

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  1. For this pig to get a manslaughter charge for killing an innocent civilian just goes to show that there’s a different set of rules for cops real murder innocent civilians and if that happened to have been my brother or someone I was related to that cop would have already been convicted and found guilty and sent well you can use your imagination but it’s below the ground

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