Absecon Police Department Still Think Being Inhumane Thugs Is Hilarious

After Dank Space exposed the New Jersey police departments belittling of their draconian behaviors, the Absecon Police Department decided to mock the critique in their social media.


Yesterday I shared a story about a police department that thinks their totalitarian destruction of human lives is an opportunity to solicit shitty jokes. After doing so, they tried to co-opt and subvert that article in order to distract from their abuse of peaceful people.

They posted the following comment on the article in a Facebook Cop Block Page post”

They went even further and shared that post on their own Facebook page with even more insulting disregard for their victims.

Yes, Cop Block does have standards. But that is irrelevant. This article is from DankSpace.com, not CopBlock.org. I tried to make that distinction in the comments to their repost, but can you even believe -they deleted it! As well as the other comments I left there.

Never once did they address the facts of their actions. At no point have they made a rational, or even decent rhetorical rebuttal, that excuses their predatory acts against peaceful people.

Many commentators took to their defense.

“Hey, ease up. At least they are trying to have a sense of humor.”

As if adding punchlines to oppression makes it okay.

“Yeah, you can totally restrict my self-ownership, so long as you have witty rejoinders while doing so.”

This is the ideology of bullies. So long as you can belittle someone, you can create consent to abuse them. The APDs attempts at humor are not some signal of a kinder, gentler machine gun hand. They are attempts at redirecting their tyrannical nature by appealing to humor.

But the biggest joke of all in this entire debacle, is they aren’t even funny.

Please share this too, APD. Carlos Mencia would be proud.

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