Cannabis As Currency: A Tragedy Told in Two Tales

cannabis as currency

A lawyer who accepted pot as payment and a man arrested for trying to trade weed for cigarettes at a gas station – are you thinking what I am thinking?


Unfortunately the lawyer has had his license to practice suspended for a year, so he can’t trade his services for the cigarette man’s weed, and defend him in court.

From WFLA:

A Louisiana lawyer who worked in exchange for marijuana has been suspended from practice for a year. The state’s Supreme Court rejected a disciplinary board’s recommendation to let attorney James Mecca keep working.

Mecca pleaded guilty in 2014 to a misdemeanor first-offence charge of possessing marijuana in 2013. His six-month jail sentence was suspended and he has served a year of probation, according to an unsigned Supreme Court opinion Friday.

The license suspension is a disciplinary matter, rather than criminal law.

The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office set up a sting after an informant reported that she’d paid Mecca earlier in marijuana, and he had offered to represent her again for the “same old, same old.”

Drug officers taped a phone conversation in which the informant said she had “a whole backpack full” of “smoke.” She then set up a meeting at which she gave Mecca about a half-pound of marijuana provided by the sheriff’s office, according to the opinion. He was stopped for a traffic violation and arrested on charges of running a stop sign and possessing marijuana with intent to distribute it, the opinion recounted.

Continue reading the WFLA article here.

Gee, I wonder what case that lawyer won that pissed off local police enough they decided to set him up like that!

This poor bastard was just desperate and incautiously optimistic.

From WSAZ:

Wayne County, West Virginia – A HuntingtonWSAZ man faces drug charges after allegedly trying to trade marijuana for a pack of cigarettes at a gas station in the Lavalette area, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department reports.

Christopher Lee Lovins, 36, is charged with delivery of a controlled substance.

A gas station employee told deputies that a man came into business and left marijuana on the counter, indicating he wanted to trade it for cigarettes. It happened Monday, Jan. 16.

The clerk said she immediately went to the back of the store to notify her manager.

Deputies seized a pack containing marijuana that was left on the sales counter.

Lovins turned himself into deputies on Friday. He was later released on bond.

Where the fuck do you find a gas station attendant that doesn’t smoke weed?

While these news stories imply some kind of idiotic evil-doing that the justice system rescued us from, the only thing insanely wrong here are the laws that made these situations end so badly. Two more lives trampled over by the predatory policing of the drug war zealots in law enforcement.

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  1. I… see where this is going. The law is controlled, and the law makers must fall in line and recognize that. or else

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