Colorado Rep. Wants to Ban Fake Urine After State Illustrates Bans Are Bad for It

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If reason and the glaring examples of the failure of prohibition aren’t enough to convince Colorado State Representative Jon Becker his proposed new ban is a bad idea, then the state should rule him incompetent to legislate.


You can take my fake urine when you pry it from the warm bag
strapped to my inner leg to help it maintain temperature…with a straw!

From the Journal-Advocate:

Marijuana sales in Colorado topped $1 billion last year. That may have triggered an upswing in the sale of another product: synthetic urine, which helps users fool employers and parole officers in drug tests.

State Rep. Jon Becker, a Fort Morgan Republican, is concerned about the fraudulent use of synthetic urine and aims to ban the substance in the state. Becker plans to sponsor a bill in the legislature to outlaw the possession or sale of fake pee, making Colorado the first state to both legalize recreational marijuana and ban the common substance used to mask its presence.

Synthetic urine has been made since the 19th century, when a German chemist figured out how to create its major organic component, urea, in the lab. Urea is one of the most common synthesized products in the world. It’s used in fertilizer, de-icer, hair conditioners, body lotions, glue, tape and thousands of other consumer and commercial products.

Some people use fake urine in place of the real stuff to hide their drug use, and that’s what Becker is trying to stop.

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If prohibition laws won’t prevent people from using marijuana, then Becker wants to make sure that disbarring people from jobs, homes and other opportunities will. And he doesn’t want anyone cheating the inhumane traps that litter Colorado like a minefield in a receding drug war. Rather than admit defeat he wants to keep firing at “enemy” targets until they drag his useless body from office. Which Coloradoans should definitely remember the next time he is up for election.

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