For the People – Why Are International Laws & Corporations Deciding Drug Policy?

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Both prohibition and regulated legalization serve the interests of multi-national industrialists and United Nation proclamations.


In the United States of America we are taught all of our lives that government exists for the people, much in the same way the people of every nation are taught to regard their government. While normally I would argue the fallacy of this thinking outright, let’s explore the concept at it’s most literal interpretation.

If government is allegedly for the people, by the people, then prohibition throws a huge wrench in those workings. Since its very inception prohibition was conceived as a way of protecting and preserving the profits of special interests. The pillars of American industry at the dawn of the 20th century helped create and shape cannabis prohibition to suit their own needs, regardless of the will of the people.

Today the corporate special interests fighting it are not just American institutions, but global businesses whose interests are scattered across the world. Yet their lobbying dollars often not only buy laws, but write the very language of them. The same laws the people are prosecuted for, decidedly against their own best interests.

And within America law enforcement unions and other government special interest groups are also shaping and profiting from drug policy. “We the people…” was intended to describe a free citizenry in which government had no special powers or interests of it’s own. And yet cannabis prohibition and the War On Drugs demonstrates that government special interests have more power and control than the people.

On top of the this the federal government continues to cite international agreements and United Nations pacts which prevent them from releasing their restrictions. At the same time polls consistently show about 65%-80% of Americans do not support marijuana’s illegality.

[Is the UN excuse a US government lie?]

If it is a government of the people, then why do UN mandates guide federal policy more than the actual will of the people?

You can find this same hypocrisy embedded throughout our government, its agencies and legislation; but prohibition of marijuana is a powerful illustrator of the big lie.

There are no governments of the people. The state exists to create an advantage for the few by creating monopolies and restricting the majority of individualsĀ to suit the agendas of the few whose interests the government truly protects. And it only ever has or could do it predicated on the constant threat of extreme violence against “we the people” or anyone else who gets in it’s way.

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