South Jersey Cops Think Destroying Peoples Lives Over Cannabis Is Hilarious

South Jersey cops think they are being hilarious, in much the same way every bully ever thought they were when they taunt and instigate their victims.


A cliche police internet trope shared in a social media post uses poor attempt at humor to illustrate how little reverence law enforcement has for the lives it has needlessly destroyed.

Yeah, this old trick again.

“We have your weed, come get it. lol”

Yeah, that’s real funny. It is very hilarious how your profession has destroyed millions of lives to profit from the prohibition of an otherwise basically harmless plant. Real knee slapper, and totez original.

From the Philly Voice:

Members of the Absecon Police Department have sparked a lively discussion on their Facebook page after posting a picture of a baggie of marijuana and inviting its intended buyer to stop by the station.

The post, which appeared Sunday afternoon, shows a Ziploc bag of weed bearing the name “Candy Kush,” a playful gesture meant to reinforce the fact that marijuana is illegal in New Jersey except for prescribed medicinal purposes.

Facebook users, likely never expecting the post would originate from their local police department, decided to have some fun, praising the account for its sense of humor and in some cases making offers to buy the drug.

Recreational marijuana remains illegal in New Jersey, but a Rutgers-Eagleton poll conducted in June 2015 found that 58 percent of New Jersyans support the idea of legalizing, taxing and regulating marijuana for adults. 

On the other hand, despite several recent bipartisan attempts to advance marijuana decriminalization legislation, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has been staunchly opposed to liberalizing the state’s position. 

Marijuana possession arrests occur every 22 minutes in New Jersey, according to advocacy group New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform. Nationally, arrests for marijuana possession are made every 41 seconds. 

With no regard for the will of the people they “serve”, New Jersey cops continue to violate the humanity of the citizens by enforcing senseless and destructive laws, while at the same time using social media to mock the very principles of the people of that state.

This isn’t a cute story about fuzzy cops trying to enforce sensible laws with a sense of humor. It is the story of those whose self-interest and delusion is so great that they don’t even care that the legal system which sustains them destroys their own communities senselessly. This is madness grinning through a violent sneer.

10 Replies to “South Jersey Cops Think Destroying Peoples Lives Over Cannabis Is Hilarious”

  1. “a playful gesture meant to reinforce the fact that marijuana is illegal in New Jersey except for prescribed medicinal purposes.” ? I think that some square at the philly voice might have just made that up. Candy cush is areal strain, but it’s supposed to be Kandy Kush.

  2. This is ridiculous.. Today’s cops need to have a little humor and Absecon does! I am pretty sure they are well aware of the drug problem in this great town and the surrounding area. But pot is not the drug killing people.. so listen up and put on your big panties and take the stick out of your ass!

    1. JoshuaScottHotchkin says: Reply

      Do you laugh at rapists when they tell you rape jokes?
      Is it okay to violate human beings so long as you have punchlines?

      1. These two things are not comparable. the legalization of weed and rape are not in the same category. And if you think that, you should check your privilege.

        1. JoshuaScottHotchkin says: Reply

          I guess you don’t know how logic works. Subjects with equal functions and all.

        2. At least with rape you normally get to go home afterwards and keep your job.

  3. I’m a stoner, straight up, but this was funny. Not just funny, hysterical. The person was actually arrested for something else, and the weed charge, that the cop was required to uphold unfortunately, will probably get reduced, if not completely squashed. Light a blunt, bowl, or joint, and actually read through their page, because it’s pretty fucking hysterical.

    1. JoshuaScottHotchkin says: Reply

      Police have powers of discretion. Nothing was required of them. They made a choice.
      I don’t think it is funny at all, in the same way that I don’t think rape jokes are funny when being told by rapists.

  4. Only descretion a cop has is to write a traffic summons or not to. They gave descretion over arresting someone for having marijuana on them. What police academy did u attend?

    1. JoshuaScottHotchkin says: Reply

      It is the law.
      I highly doubt they cover much about discretion in police training because they want you to generate more revenue for the state, not discourage it with pesky things like facts.

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