American Freedom Fighter Jailed for Delivering Medical Supplies

Ademo Freeman of was jailed last Thursday in southwest Ohio for possession and distribution of marijuana, both felonies.

The state of Ohio passed legislature last year which would allow medical marijuana use within the state. The actuality of access to this medicine, however, appears to be in a state of constant delay. While residents of Ohio continue to suffer and have to go without easy, affordable and legal access to a simple medicinal plant, the states bureaucrats continue to wobble along as though providing medicine is not an urgent issue.

On top of all of the potentially life-threatening ailments cannabis treats effectively, the growing opiate epidemic is taking more and more lives, and cannabis is the only known safe, long term effective treatment for opiate addiction. The bottom line is that cannabis saves lives.

Ohio has even recognized that, but still delays acting on it.

Meanwhile Adam Mueller, who goes by Ademo Freeman, sits in an Ohio jail with no bail for allegedly delivering a life-saving medicine to that state. For doing what they have failed to do, which is to help the people of their state be happy and healthy, Ohio’s government have locked up a courageous freedom fighter who once again shows that he is willing to put doing the right thing before his own selfish interests.

That is the definition of a hero.

So what do you call a thug decked out in gang colors who cages a hero?

The law enforcers and legislators of Ohio should praise Freeman. They should give him an award for doing for the people of Ohio what they themselves had procrastinated in doing at the cost of human lives.

When a law comes between the health and happiness of individuals, that law must be broken by those brave enough to challenge those who make, enforce and profit from it. And when the beneficiaries of inhumane laws cage those providing wellness to the people, the people need to rise up and take a stand against a system whose self-interest outweighs the needs and wants of the people.

Ademo is facing a potentially long and expensive legal battle. To help this freedom fighter continue his fight please donate to the Free Ademo fund.

Click the photo to donate to the Ademo Freeman legal fund.

If you donate $50 or more and leave the code ‘Dank Space’ in your comments and a way to reach you, Dank Space will send you a quality handmade dugout or other cool product – while supplies last.

Not all of us have what it takes to be a hero, but if you have a few extra bucks you can help keep one free.

Find out more about what we know, so far, about Ademo’s arrest and incarceration – as well as the plan to attack the hypocritical system in court if necessary with help from ex-cop turned anti-drug war freedom fighter Barry Cooper.

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