Indiana Senior Citizen Gets His Whole Church High with Cannabis Cookies

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Brian Jones, 74, treated his entire congregation to some cannabis cookies landing many in the hospital and himself in hot water.


My initial thoughts are twofold. On one hand, that is fucking hilarious, and given the way Christians have been acting lately it is perhaps a good idea someone tries to blow their minds and crack them open to a little rational compassion and so they can see their own hypocrisy. On the other hand, however, giving people drugs against their knowledge and will violates the most basic principles of self-ownership and is an act of aggression against the individuals involved.

Munchies.Vice reports:

You never know what you’ll get when you go to church.

Enlightenment? Maybe. A sense of community and friendship? Perhaps. Stoned out of your gourd? Apparently, that can happen, too.

At least that was the case for six congregation members at the St. John’s Apostle Catholic Church in Bloomington, Indiana last year. The six thought they were indulging in some sinfully delicious cookies. As it turned out, they were correct.

A 74-year-old parishioner, identified only as Mr. Jones [His name is Brian Jones according to another report], is now accused of lacing the cookies with THC. Several congregants, aged 12 to 70, ended up in the local emergency room on that fateful day, complaining of “adverse effects” from the cookies—which they reported as tasting unusually salty.

Mr. Jones initially admitted to making the cookies but denied adding an illegal substance to them. Then the police obtained a warrant to search his home and found an “orange pill bottle containing capsules of a brown, oily substance, which later tested positive for marijuana.” The gentleman baker turned himself in after a warrant for his arrest was issued. He’s been charged with criminal recklessness and possession of hash oil.

“We are praying for everyone involved,” said Father Daniel Mahan of the church. “We are praying for Mr. Jones. We are keeping in prayer those who took ill that Sunday and we are praying for justice with mercy.”

Looks like Mr. Jones is about to learn how the proverbial cookie crumbles.

The writer of that story should have to make reparations for that final pun.

I tried to find Mr. Jones online, but Bloomington is a big place and Brian Jones is a very common name, and senior citizens don’t always have the most straightforward online presence. I am curious as to why he did it.

Was he hoping to contribute to their worship by adding an element which many users find to be a portal to elevated spiritual experience?

Did he feel his fellow parishioners had lost sight of their Christian virtues in the current context of hate and divisiveness – and thus decide to try something radical to get them back on track?

Perhaps it was just a poorly thought out way to try to evangelize the goodness of cannabis that ended ironically in its further demonization?

Or was it an act to intentionally demonize marijuana in order to bolster support for the continuation of prohibition in Indiana and elsewhere?

This is a major problem of the mainstream media. They report these incidents without any context, leaving us without any way of understanding the reasons things like this happen. If we understood that we would be better prepared to handle the adversity around us. But being closed off from human motivations leaves us blind to what drives aberrant behaviors. Why don’t they ever give us the full story?

Do not give people drugs against their will, folks. Not only will the drugs be ineffective in altering their consciousness in a positive way if given secretly, the incidents will be used as more fuel to feed the insanity of the War On drugs.

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