Are All Drugs Actually Just Placebos Part 2

placebos to get you high

The responses to the first article about all drugs working like placebos were so strong that I feel obligated to clear up a few points.

In ‘Are All Drugs Actually Just Placebos’ I put forward the idea that drugs effects are in the mind and not the body, based off the non-materialist view of existence that consciousness is the primary substance of reality – not matter.

Boy did that ravage some johnsons.

This, I admit, is a difficult concept that goes against everything we think we know. But if you are paying attention to the high strangeness in science and the world in general, you must admit that the old answers just aren’t working anymore, and our attachment to those models is quickly becoming the insanity of sentimentalist denial.

Now I must admit, the materialist model of reality could be right, and I could be wrong. However neither side could be ruled completely wrong at this point because nobody knows. The hard problem of consciousness is an unresolved issue, and it could be that it remains that way for the duration of humankind. So while critics of my argument can correctly point out that I do not have THE right answer, neither can they say with any certainty that I have the wrong one.

Try getting that kind of honesty from a materialist, I dare ya. And if you don’t know what philosophical materialism is, you probably believe in it without even knowing that you do. It is so ingrained in modern ideology that it is taken for granted, and rarely ever explicitly recognized, let alone questioned.

In fact taking a stand against threats to that ideology, which is under no real threat at all due to being almost monolithically believed, is a form of virtue signalling known as Scientism. Scientism is to science what televised faith healings are to monastic asceticism.

If you had to use Google more than once during the last paragraph please refrain from getting way ahead of yourself and telling me what an idiot I am in the comments, and take an opportunity to understand more of the complex information available to you. Raging out on people who confuse you doesn’t make you right. Learning is fucking cool.

A commenter named Tyler vehemently denied the the possibility of my hypothesis and queried as to the probability of my fucking stupidity. As painfully, and obviously ironic as you might expect, his rebuttal indicated an absolute non-understanding and the pretense of having solved the unsolved mysteries discussed above.

His entire argument was that a friend had died from Fentanyl. Let me break this down so we can see why this rebuttal fails.

  • I said that drugs have an effect generated by belief and expectation, the basis of how placebos work.
  • Almost everyone believes and expects that Fentanyl can kill you, and probably so did Tyler’s friend.

There is nothing out of line here, unless you are of the mistaken belief that placebos only have healing effects. There is a thing called the negative placebo (nocebo) which tosses that argument right out.

So if the placebo effect can heal you or harm you, it certainly isn’t much of a stretch to believe they can get you high. In fact that should be easier to accept, since it only affects our conscious states and not our physical ones. That placebos actually also alter our physical states is one of the strongest pieces of evidence against the dogmatic materialist worldview.

If materialism is right then we are trapped in a rigid reality with harsh rules that are often painful and deadly for so long as our species lives and evolves. If it is wrong we can use our understanding to program our reality to make it far more amenable to us. For the very life of me I cannot understand why anyone would want to outright reject those possibilities. Are we so in love with ideas about our past, with our pain and with our existential powerlessness that it somehow feels better to stick with the cold, unforgiving worldview in which we have evolved thus far?

How great the existential angst of humans must currently be that we would choose a toxic nihilism which enslaves us while fanatically opposing a chance to escape our captivity. Materialism is like modern humanities existential Stockholm Syndrome.

Neil deGrasse Tyson in a wifebeater; your argument is irrelevant.

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