Chill Out Ya’All, Sessions Shenanigans May Be A Blessing In Disguise

Dank-loving doomsayers lament the recent news that Jeff Sessions has ended Obama-era policies that kept federal agencies from interfering with states that legalized marijuana, but it might be for the best for the rest of us.

Fear not my friends, for everything is not totally fucked here. Despite the fact that it looks bad in print, the lifting of those policies will place pressure on marijuana profiteers to challenge inevitable legal battles they have been trying to ignore. And in the meantime they have built up the resources to fight with.

When money talks, tired ass morals walk.

Yeah, sure, corporate weed is a fucking bummer. We all hoped that when the end of prohibition finally happened that all weed would be grown by elderly hippies and their grandchildren. Instead we have gotten dispensaries that look like strip mall iStores, owned and backed by people who care more about profits than plants. But on the bright side, Ma & Pa’s Potporium was never going to be able to take on the legal battles that our federal government’s ridiculous political posturing and bureaucratic madness requires to overturn cannabis prohibition.

In come the big boys.

Obama’s policies were a stopgap measure, not a solution to the larger issues. They were never going to hold back federal power forever, and it was only a matter of time before that dam broke. And once it did so, the real test for the future of marijuana could commence.

What will likely happen now is that the federal government, probably via the DEA, will test its power. California is a likely starting ground, considering its recent foray into recreational sales and general offensiveness to conservatives. A few raids will happen and then the cases will work their way up into federal courts. This is where the future of marijuana will be decided.

Since legal marijuana has shown to be a successful way to fatten a states income, representatives from all of them have tried to convince their political peers to join them in legalization, on all points of the political spectrum. The states still holding out are either devoutly conservative, or have leadership who are afraid to make any moves until they see how this thing is going to play out.

Obama’s policies prevented that from happening, while giving the industry some time to get solid footing in some key states. Let the battle begin, so us dry states can feel the love, too. It was inevitable, anyway.

Now is the perfect time to challenge the federal powers to prohibit flowers.


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  1. I have been preaching this exact thing for years since Colorado legalized it. The feds won’t stand up in court. Let sessions do his thing. It’ll only speed up the process.

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