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DankSpace.com is a cannabis website for and by stoners like you. Through forums, local news blogs and user submitted content we hope to connect cannabis connoisseurs of all stripes – from the merely curious or┬áregular users, to growers, industry workers and owners.

We go beyond news into culture, humor, reviews and thoughtful editorials. From music, movies and art to satire, parodies and lists – we hope to entertain as much to inform. With reader contributions and interactions we hope to build more than a website, but an active community of knowledge, support and inspiration. A place where friends get together to get high.

If you would like to become a regular contributor – as an editor, writer, graphics, video or social media specialist – we are looking for volunteers and unpaid interns. It is a great opportunity to build skills, experience and a portfolio; while doing something fun that you love. Should this endeavor eventually become profitable, your contributions may one day become a paid gig.

If you would like to submit a product, service or business for review -or- if you would like to advertise on our pages, please submit a brief proposal.

For all inquiries please use the following form.

-Joshua Scott Hotchkin, owner/lead editor

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