Do Plants Come From Outer Space & If So Is Pot Earth’s Dominant Life Form?

A bizarre theory which suggests that plants come from outer space provides a fun platform for strange thought experiments that, while they may not produce truth, do encourage the kind of creative thinking that propels humanity forward. Have you ever stepped into the Twilight Zone? Have you ever stepped into the Twilight Zone on weed? […]

How Government & Media Marijuana DUI Propaganda Is Anti-Science

Government agents, agencies, lobbyists and the mainstream media all resort to fearmongering in order to push new destructive marijuana DUI laws, ignoring reason and scientific information alike. Twice in the past month I have called out the misinformation and lies perpetrated by drug wars profiteers with assistance from mainstream media. I would now like to […]

The Cat’s Perspective: The Greatest Thing You Will Read All Week

Cat's Perspective

Just as you cannot understand the cat’s perspective until you learn how it has been shaped to perceive reality, neither can you understand another persons point of view until you learn how and why they perceive things as they do. The past week has been mentally, emotionally and spiritually draining. Our attachment to events beyond […]

Cop Takes MDMA & Begins to Doubt His Path in Life

According to the testimony of a popular YouTube psychonaut, after his friend decided to try MDMA, he began experience misgivings about his career as a police officer. PsychedSubstance (PS) is a popular YouTube channel in which some dude shares psychedelic experiences and analysis for educational purposes. During a recent Halloween episode he told a story […]

On Election Day Vote for Marijuana for President of the United States

Using the write-in option on your ballot, cast a vote for cannabis for everything from your county supervisor to the President of the United States of America. All across the country tomorrow marijuana ballot measures will be voted on, deciding the fate of legalization and other issues for the next few years. From statewide legalization […]

A Subjective Case for Medical Marijuana: Treat the Patient Not the Disease

A subjective case for medical marijuana lies in the most basic truth that our experiences of our reality are our reality, which makes euphoria a powerful treatment.   I once had to attend a drunk driving course that took place over the weekend at a community college. The instructor filled our naughty little minds with […]