The Dangers of Second Hand Marijuana Smoke Are Unscientific Lies

second hand marijuana smoke science tobacco bullshit

A 2016 study claiming second hand marijuana smoke is more dangerous than second hand tobacco smoke has highly problematic methods & conclusions.   The claims of a scientific study which indicates that second hand marijuana smoke poses an imminent health risk strengthens the fear-based narratives being used to restrict or heavily regulate cannabis use, but there […]

Infographic Reveals Facts of Cannabis vs Alcohol While Driving in US & Canada

infographic driving cannabis alcohol OMQ Law

Drunk Driving or High Driving: Which is More Dangerous? Back in November California voted in order to make marijuana legal even for recreational use. The same day two more US states followed California- Massachusetts and Nevada also voted yes which made in total seven states where you can smoke a joint without legal consequences. The […]

“Abstinence Only” Prevents Harm Reduction Education That Lowers Risks

Telling people that they just should not do drugs or should not do other things like driving while on them is unrealistic and prevents harm reduction narratives that could minimize the risks those inevitable activities pose. Last month I discussed ways to avoid police detection while rolling dirty and how to avoid a marijuana DUI. […]

What You Should Know When Driving with Legal Pot State Plates In Illegal States

Driving with license plates from a state where marijuana is legal in a state where it is not can invite law enforcement harassment.   Here are some things to remember if you find yourself in this situation. State residency is not legal probable cause for law enforcement to initiate a traffic stop according to United […]

What To Do If You Come Across A Drug Checkpoint While Driving

drug checkpoint

A ‘Drug Checkpoint Ahead’ sign can lead to nervous mistakes that will get you busted if you are rolling with some herb and aren’t clear about your rights and the law.   Drug Checkpoints Are Not Legal In Indianapolis v. Edmond – 531 U.S. 32 (2000) the Supreme Court ruled that drug checkpoints were illegal. Their conclusion […]