Colombian Mayor Proposes Cannabis Friendly Recreation Center for Teens

cannabis friendly recreation center for teens marijuana dome tulua colombia gustavo velez

Gustavo Velez, mayor of the city of Tulua in the western part of the nation of Colombia, has a radically sensible solution for reducing harm to his cities teenage cannabis users. Teenagers gonna teenage, which includes experimenting with their bodies and minds, often entwined with questionable choices. You can make a show of fighting that with […]

False Arrest of Manager of Burger King Employee Who Sold Weed In Drive Thru

Burger King fries extra crispy cannabis marijuana

Customers at an Epping, New Hampshire Burger King who ordered “fries extra crispy” got a very happy meal, but a sting operation also resorted in the false arrest of the manager. Garrett Norris was living out a real life stoner comedy. Customers interested in purchasing some of his extracurricular condiments would ask inquire for “Nasty […]

Absecon Police Department Still Think Being Inhumane Thugs Is Hilarious

After Dank Space exposed the New Jersey police departments belittling of their draconian behaviors, the Absecon Police Department decided to mock the critique in their social media.   Yesterday I shared a story about a police department that thinks their totalitarian destruction of human lives is an opportunity to solicit shitty jokes. After doing so, they […]

Colorado Governor Proposes 50% Marijuana Tax Hike “For the Children”

marijuana tax hike for the children colorado hickenloper john taylor gatto public schooling

John Hickenlooper wants to raise the already high taxes on recreational marijuana, allegedly to increase funding for Colorado’s public schools.   Recently the Colorado governor announced his plans to begin recriminalizing marijuana growing in such a way that would force more of the population into the taxed market; increasing state revenue and empowering corporate cannabis […]

Pittsburgh Lawyer to Test Legal Loophole In Cannabis Prohibition Laws

Pittsburgh NORML executive director, Patrick Nightingale, intends to use the very logic of prohibitionist laws in order to dismantle them.   The essence of his argument is pretty simple. Since Pennsylvania recognizes the legitimacy of cannabis as medicine by their laws, that negates the drug scheduling claim that marijuana has no medicinal benefits, and prohibition […]

Headlines Like “Teenager Stabbed Over Marijuana” Ignore True Cause of Violence

Whenever violent crimes and marijuana overlap police and the media are quick to blame the marijuana instead of the dangerous black markets created by prohibition.   Lakeville, Massachusetts police told local media, who reported it unquestioningly, that marijuana was the cause of a stabbing that occurred during a robbery. From WVCB: One teenager stabbed another […]

Grandfather Jailed for Bringing Terminally Ill Granddaughter Cannabis Cookies

texas grandfather jailed cannabis cookies terminally ill granddaughter

A California man who was trying to bring a little relief to his dying granddaughter in Texas ended up behind bars when cops chose zealous enforcement over human compassion.   Police officers are given discretion in whether they make arrests for minor infractions. Given a choice to let a grandfather comfort his granddaughter on her […]

Feds In California Ignore State Legalization But Still Prosecute Using State Courts

state legalization california national parks federal government

In California and other legal states, you can still be busted for cannabis in federally-controlled areas like national parks under federal prohibition, but they still rely on state laws and courts to make those prosecutions.   This one is kind of hard to get your head around. As I mentioned recently, just because a state […]

From Policy Maker to Corporate Profits: Colorado’s Regulation Leaders Go Private

Some of Colorado’s most powerful cannabis regulators are leaving to start a private consulting firm, which brings up some big ethical questions.   Let’s say that I was in charge of laws regarding cotton candy. For years I helped decide the allowable types of cotton candy, it’s production, sales and consumption – as well as […]

Maryland Police Chief Blames Cannabis for Increased Murders Instead of Bad Laws

maryland police chief blames cannabis rising murder rates decriminalization

Prince George’s County Police Chief Hank Stawinski says that decriminalization of marijuana has led to rising murder rates over the past three years, but marijuana has not even been decriminalized in Maryland.   Once again a prohibitionists is cannibalizing human tragedy and ignoring the facts to opportunistically push a profitable but inhumane agenda. From NBC […]

Rhode Island Becomes Seventh State To Legalize Industrial Hemp Farming

legalize industrial hemp rhode island marijuana prohibition environment sustainability

On January 1st, 2017 a new law made Rhode Island the most recent state to allow industrial hemp farming despite federal restrictions.   A chief reason that cannabis was prohibited in the first place was to protect special business interests that were threatened by the ease, availability and versatility of its non-psychoactive counterpart – hemp. […]

Crawfordsville Indiana Cops Make Weed Arrest Under Very Sketchy Pretense

crawfordsville indiana marijuana cannabis bust arrest bradley howell

Crawfordsville officers did something so out of the ordinary, which led to the discovery of a homegrow operation consisting of ‘several’ plants, that there is no way but to interpret their behavior as anything but ethically challenged.   There is something wrong with this picture. Something so out of place that it tripped every bullshit […]

Mother Loses Custody for Successfully Treating Daughters Pharmaceutical Withdrawals With Cannabis

mother loses custody daughter children seizures hallucinations Idaho cannabis

An Idaho woman has had her children removed from her custody after using cannabis to treat her daughter for life-threatening symptoms she suffered after being taken off prescribed psychotropic medications.   Ladies and gentlemen, we have our winner for the biggest scumbag doctor of 2016. The honor belongs to an Idaho doctor who was prescribing […]