States With Medical Cannabis Seeing Less Traffic Fatalities

cannabis traffic fatalities study science

A new study showing a decrease in traffic fatalities in states that have adopted medical marijuana programs further suggests the cannabis DUI fearmongering of politicians, law enforcement and prohibitionist pundits may be entirely unfounded.   As I have previously mentioned, the entire scare over cannabis DUI’s has been predicated on a pack of lies that […]

Maine Governor Wants to End Medical Cannabis Program & Tax Patients

end medical cannabis maine governor paul lepage

After losing his tireless battle to maintain recreational cannabis prohibition in his state, Maine Governor Paul LePage now wants to tax patients so the state can profit from their illnesses. Paul LePage says that now that there will be legal over-the-counter recreational marijuana, there is no reason to continue the states medical protections. From WGME: Gov. […]

DEA Crackdown On CBD Oil Cites International Drug Treaties

cbd oil dea medical cannabis marijuana international treaty

The Drug Enforcement Agency have taken an even more intolerant stance against a medicine that many Americans rely on just to get through the day, because apparently their commitment to agreements among global superpowers precede the interests of the American people. The US federal government, whose commitment to honoring its treaties can currently be seen in the events […]

Supreme Court Rules That Marijuana Evidence In Trash Not Probable Cause to Search Home

police trash probable cause search warrant supreme court

The Sixth Circuit Panel of the Supreme Court has made a precedence level ruling against providing home search warrants based on what is in the residents trash.   In United States v. Abernathy the Supreme Court upheld the opinion that evidence obtained from trash does not justify probable cause for a warrant, at least not without […]

Outrage Over Kids Pants with Printed Leaves Is Japanese Maple, Not Cannabis

kids pants japanese maple leaf amazon

Yet another group of prohibitionists have had their unfounded fears reported by mainstream media who did not bother to question whether the design on a pair of kids pants was actually marijuana. (pictured above: Varieties of Japanese Maple tree leaves, and some pants that confuse ignorant people.) Just after Halloween I reported on an incident […]

Indiana Police Use Bold Faced Lies In Anti-Marijuana Propaganda

Indiana law enforcers and local media have teamed up to make some patently absurd, alarmist claims in anti-marijuana propaganda aimed at causing fear and panic. An ABC News affiliate in Indiana published the following bit of journalistic garbage over the weekend: FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — It’s a disturbing trend that has gained traction in […]

Examining the Questionable Claim That Marijuana Weakens Heart

St. Lukes University Hospital Network recently presented findings of a recent study at the American Heart Association’s annual science conference in New Orleans which suggests that marijuana use may increase risk of adverse cardiovascular phenomena – stress cardiomyopathy. Before we examine the claim that marijuana weakens heart muscles and leads to health problems, lets take […]