National Academy of Sciences Makes Funding Push That Threatens Legal Cannabis

national academy of sciences, reschedule, cannabis, marijuana, ethics, conflict of interest

What initially might appear to be a rational call by scientists to further study the medical benefits of cannabis could actually be a disaster for legalization/decriminalization and a boon for scientists.   While most cannabis advocates¬†might automatically respond positively to this news, especially due to the way it is being reported elsewhere, there are some […]

5 Cannabis Strains to Perfectly Perfume Your Pee at Your Next Golden Shower

These five marijuana strains will tantalizingly spice¬†the aroma of urine in order to make your next golden shower one you will never forget.   Many cannabis users have reported that their urine takes on the scent of marijuana. Some have even noted that particular strains lead to more potent pot odors in your pee, or […]

Rhode Island Becomes Seventh State To Legalize Industrial Hemp Farming

legalize industrial hemp rhode island marijuana prohibition environment sustainability

On January 1st, 2017 a new law made Rhode Island the most recent state to allow industrial hemp farming despite federal restrictions.   A chief reason that cannabis was prohibited in the first place was to protect special business interests that were threatened by the ease, availability and versatility of its non-psychoactive counterpart – hemp. […]