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High Accomplishments

People do great things while high. From Steve Jobs and Carl Sagan, to many of the greatest musicians, artists and authors of our time, marijuana helps inspire great ideas, inventions and creations. Tell your story of stoner success and share any links to the great things you accomplished while high. If you can, also tell us why cannabis helped you do what it is you did - better.

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No Memes!

Macro-images will not be tolerated. You are welcome to share images pertinent to discussions such as photos that accompany reviews or stoner art you have personally created. But text based images, memes and selfies are not allowed and will eventually end in your banishment from Ye ‘Olde Dank Space. You may, however, continue operating as a memetic agent as usual.

Don’t Be An Asshole!

If you think it might be a dick move, it probably is. So don’t do it. If you need specific rules in order not to be an asshole, this is not the place for you. Take your bong and go home.