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Legal Status:
Medical – yes
Recreational – yes

November 21, 2016: Could Legalizing Pot Diminish California’s Gains Against Smoking?
While some estimates say the state could lose tens of millions in tax revenue, Kinney thinks that number is only in the hundreds of thousands, because the number of medical marijuana users who have state issued ID cards is only a few thousand.

November 9, 2016: Californians Vote to Legalize Recreational Use of Marijuana in the State
Voters on Tuesday approved Proposition 64, making California the most populous state in the nation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

October 3, 2016: Damian Marley Is Converting a California Prison into a Pot Farm
Bob Marley’s youngest son, along with business partner Ocean Grown Extracts, has created a poetic metaphor and multi-million dollar business model in one.