Five Strange Ways That Cannabis Might Change the World

five strange ways cannabis could change the world

Besides the socio-economic and political implications of new attitudes and policies towards cannabis, there are some other strange ways getting high could alter civilization. This list starts off swinging wild with a bit of observational humor, but eventually finds it’s way into corners of human culture that could change human civilization as we know it. Fish […]

5 Cannabis Strains to Perfectly Perfume Your Pee at Your Next Golden Shower

These five marijuana strains will tantalizingly spice the aroma of urine in order to make your next golden shower one you will never forget.   Many cannabis users have reported that their urine takes on the scent of marijuana. Some have even noted that particular strains lead to more potent pot odors in your pee, or […]

Danksgiving: The True Story of America’s First Holiday

The traditional story of Thanksgiving tells of a feast shared with new friends and neighbors, but what if the real story is even more awesome? To be honest I have always been a little suspicious of the Thanksgiving story. Apparently a bunch of Native Americans shared their bountiful harvest with early European settlers, kicking off […]