Crawfordsville Indiana Cops Make Weed Arrest Under Very Sketchy Pretense

crawfordsville indiana marijuana cannabis bust arrest bradley howell

Crawfordsville officers did something so out of the ordinary, which led to the discovery of a homegrow operation consisting of ‘several’ plants, that there is no way but to interpret their behavior as anything but ethically challenged.   There is something wrong with this picture. Something so out of place that it tripped every bullshit […]

Indiana Police Use Bold Faced Lies In Anti-Marijuana Propaganda

Indiana law enforcers and local media have teamed up to make some patently absurd, alarmist claims in anti-marijuana propaganda aimed at causing fear and panic. An ABC News affiliate in Indiana published the following bit of journalistic garbage over the weekend: FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — It’s a disturbing trend that has gained traction in […]