The Dangers of Second Hand Marijuana Smoke Are Unscientific Lies

second hand marijuana smoke science tobacco bullshit

A 2016 study claiming second hand marijuana smoke is more dangerous than second hand tobacco smoke has highly problematic methods & conclusions.   The claims of a scientific study which indicates that second hand marijuana smoke poses an imminent health risk strengthens the fear-based narratives being used to restrict or heavily regulate cannabis use, but there […]

Absecon Police Department Still Think Being Inhumane Thugs Is Hilarious

After Dank Space exposed the New Jersey police departments belittling of their draconian behaviors, the Absecon Police Department decided to mock the critique in their social media.   Yesterday I shared a story about a police department that thinks their totalitarian destruction of human lives is an opportunity to solicit shitty jokes. After doing so, they […]

Headlines Like “Teenager Stabbed Over Marijuana” Ignore True Cause of Violence

Whenever violent crimes and marijuana overlap police and the media are quick to blame the marijuana instead of the dangerous black markets created by prohibition.   Lakeville, Massachusetts police told local media, who reported it unquestioningly, that marijuana was the cause of a stabbing that occurred during a robbery. From WVCB: One teenager stabbed another […]

Outrage Over Kids Pants with Printed Leaves Is Japanese Maple, Not Cannabis

kids pants japanese maple leaf amazon

Yet another group of prohibitionists have had their unfounded fears reported by mainstream media who did not bother to question whether the design on a pair of kids pants was actually marijuana. (pictured above: Varieties of Japanese Maple tree leaves, and some pants that confuse ignorant people.) Just after Halloween I reported on an incident […]

Mainstream Media Using Political Fearmongering to Manipulate Pot Narratives

mainstream media propaganda marijuana cannabis fearmongering opportunism manipulation sensationlaism

The mainstream media has capitalized on Trump’s nomination as president to sell more ads via alarmist sensationalism, and has even co-opted the marijuana discussion with their dishonest greed. Let me preface this by saying that I am not pro-Trump. Nor am I anti-Trump. The same is true of Hilary, Bernie, Jill, Gary and all of […]

Indiana Police Use Bold Faced Lies In Anti-Marijuana Propaganda

Indiana law enforcers and local media have teamed up to make some patently absurd, alarmist claims in anti-marijuana propaganda aimed at causing fear and panic. An ABC News affiliate in Indiana published the following bit of journalistic garbage over the weekend: FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — It’s a disturbing trend that has gained traction in […]

Authorities Issue Warning About Marijuana Candied Yams This Thanksgiving

marijuana candied yams

Law enforcement experts have issued a warning to Thanksgiving revelers about the potential danger of pot laced sweet potatoes, and how to spot them. This Thanksgiving you had better be careful, says a public report issued by national law enforcement experts. You just never know if your aunt Carole might have snuck marijuana candied yams […]