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Non Violent Pot Smuggler Spending More Time In Prison Than Man Who Shot the President

What is going on here?

Top 5 Reasons Marijuana and Other Drugs Should Be Decriminalized

A simple guide to understanding why prohibition is inhumane.

What to Do When A Cop Says “I Smell Marijuana”

‘I smell marijuana’ is a line used by law enforcement to instigate searches regardless of if any is actually present, but whether this gives them a right to search you depends on the situation.

What You Should Know When Driving with Legal Pot State Plates In Illegal States

Driving with license plates from a state where marijuana is legal in a state where it is not can invite law enforcement harassment.

Traffic Stops, K9 Searches and Your Rights

A guide to exercising your legal rights in regard to K9 searches conducted during traffic stops.

What To Do If You Come Across A Drug Checkpoint While Driving

A ‘Drug Checkpoint Ahead’ sign can lead to nervous mistakes that will get you busted if you are rolling with some herb and aren’t clear about your rights and the law.

Your Brain On the War On Drugs

Any questions?

Tips for First Time Marijuana Users

Here is some excellent advice on how to stay safe and have fun for people thinking of trying marijuana for the first time.

Obama’s Final Act? – How to Derail Trump’s “Law &Order” Presidency

The best way to prevent the worst damage a Trump presidency could do is right in this video. Share it like crazy and spread the message, because you never know who might see it and run with the idea.


How to NOT Get Busted with Marijuana

An easy to understand video instructing you of your rights so that police don’t trick you into revealing anything you do not legally have to.


How to Drive While High and NOT Get a DUI

I shall begin this with an obligatory disclaimer – in no way am suggesting or endorsing operating an automobile while stoned or otherwise intoxicated. If you are considering doing so, be highly aware of your own limitations. Some people can smoke a lot of weed and continue to drive just fine in any conditions. Some people are okay if just a little high, or under specific conditions. And then there are those of you who have no business attempting it at all. To ensure the safety of yourself and others on the road, do not delude yourself or try to exceed your personal limitations.

The truth is that there is very little evidence that connects marijuana use directly to poor driving. Some studies even suggest the plant has little effect on the ability to drive. It is more likely the case that people who are not good at driving while high are prone to distraction, which merely exacerbates driving issues they probably have even while sober as a judge.

It has been argued that marijuana use does not qualify as intoxication, in so far as having a physically debilitating effect which makes operating an automobile dangerous.

In fact, even some police think that marijuana users are exceptionally good drivers.

Nonetheless, even if you are a model driver who has made no moving violations or endangered anyone, police will still try to arrest you if they suspect you have any marijuana in your system whatsoever. So the best way to avoid their detection is to know what they are looking for.